Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping

MCM 6 - Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping

Developing and implementing a program with the goal of preventing and reducing pollutant runoff from municipal operations.

Watershed Awareness

Everyone lives in a watershed. A watershed is a system of lakes, rivers and tributaries that convey water to a larger body of water. The City of Kendallville is located in the St. Joseph watershed, our surface waters flow into Lake Michigan through the Bixler Lake Ditch, Round Lake and other small tributaries. Whatever goes into our streams and lakes around Kendallville end up going into Lake Michigan.

Lake Michigan Watersheds

St. Joe Watershed

Leave it on the Lawn

Phosphorus in fertilizers is know to cause excessive algae growth in our surface waters. When it rains, fertilizers are carried to storm drains by the rain. Keep your lawns green but our waters blue by using low-phosphorus or phosphorus-free fertilizers. Take a look at this brochure to save money and have a healthy lawn.

Educational Brochures

Rain Gardens

A rain garden is a great way to help manage storm water and beautify your  property. Check out the brochures below to learn more about rain gardens and get some great ideas for your next landscaping project.


Builders and Construction Industry

Kids Corner

Do you know kids can also help with stormwater pollution prevention?

There are many things you can do to protect water quality where you live and work. From storm drain stenciling to stream clean-ups you can be involved in. For more information, contact the MS4 Coordinator at (260) 347-1362.

Water Quality Survey

The City of Kendallville MS4 Program seeks your participation in a water quality survey. The survey seeks opinions from Kendallville residents pertaining to subjects such as management of pet waste, lawn clippings and household hazardous waste. This survey serves as a baseline so that the MS4 Program can gauge the effectiveness of the public education and outreach and public involvement efforts over the next few years.

Customer Survey
Test Your Storm Water Knowledge Quiz

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