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How do I get a transfer site ticket?

Transfer site tickets are issued through the Clerk Treasurer's office.

How do I apply for a gun permit?

The Kendallville Police Department handles gun permit applications.

Can I rent the Youth Center Reception Hall?

Yes. Visit the Park Department page for more information.

Where can I get copies of public records?

The Clerk Treasurer's office maintains all public records.

How do I dispose of household wastes?

The Wastewater Department page has a link to a chart for proper disposal methods.

Where can I get a list of upcoming town meetings?

Visit our meeting schedule page to see a list.

What are the current water rates?

Our water rate page lists current water rates.

How is my water meter read?

Visit our water meter reading page to learn more.

Who maintains my water service line?

 Visit our water line maintenance page to learn more.

Where can I take my yard waste?

More information can be found on our Street Department page.

Where can I take my recyclables?

Recyclables can be taken to the drop-off site located in front of the Compost Site.

Who do I call before I dig on my property?

Call 1-800-382-5544 for a free underground location 2 working days before you dig.

What is the zoning of my property?

You can search for your zoning on our zoning lookup page.

What voting precinct am I in?

A map can be viewed on our Council Memeber page.