Façade Improvement Matching Grant

Dear Property or Business Owner,

The Façade Improvement Matching Grant Program is designed to encourage both business and building owners to improve the aesthetic appearance of their Kendallville building façade in an effort to help stimulate commerce and enhance the overall business environment of the Kendallville community.

Grant requests are reviewed monthly by the Redevelopment Commission at their regularly scheduled meetings. Those businesses requesting a façade grant are strongly encouraged to either attend the meeting, or have a duly appointed representative available (in person, by phone, or via another method) to answer questions about the request that may impact the decision of the Redevelopment Commission.


This program is funded from a combination of all sources permitted by Indiana statute. These sources currently include the captured allocations from the 2020 Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District, donations and grants.

The program offers an opportunity for a property owner or tenant to receive monetary grant assistance for improvements to their property. All grants awarded (apart from the Architectural and Engineering Assistance Grant) require a matching dollar-for-dollar expenditure by the owner, tenant, or other reliable funding source (such as a bank loan or additional grant funds). Grants will be awarded based upon a needs assessment by the Redevelopment Commission, and such applications must be submitted in their entirety - with all the necessary supporting documents attached - before they will be considered for review by the Redevelopment Commission.

Grant awards may not exceed $15,000 for individual projects and $1,000 for architectural or engineering assistance, to be awarded as follows:

  • Façade improvement: Up to a 50% maximum reimbursement of actual costs for eligible activities, not to exceed $15,000.
  • Awnings: Up to a 50% maximum reimbursement of actual costs associated with additional improvements or replacement awnings, not to exceed $15,000.
  • Roofing and Building Envelope Systems: Up to a 50% maximum reimbursement of actual costs for eligible activities, not to exceed $15,000.
  • Signage / Lighting / Murals: Up to a 50% maximum reimbursement of actual costs associated with addition, improvement or replacement of signs, lighting or murals, not to exceed $15,000.
  • Architectural or Engineering Assistance: A 100% reimbursement of actual architectural or engineering costs associated with façade improvements, providing the owner utilizes the technical input in the façade renovation, not to exceed $1,000. An accredited architect or engineer shall be retained for concept drawings, specifications, and consultation to maintain the historical character of any building renovation.


  1. The property must be located within the defined 2020 TIF district.
  2. Applicant(s) must be the building owner. Tenants may qualify upon receiving written consent from the building owner.


(Items include, but are not limited to, the following)

  1. Accentuating the existing features of the building through painting, lighting restoration, replacement, cleaning, or other treatment of exterior surfaces.
  2. The addition of design elements which may have appeared on the original building, or are in keeping with the building's character, e.g. awnings.
  3. Repair to building exterior facades (front, rear, and side facades are eligible and encouraged).
  4. Masonry and major structural repairs (major structural repairs require appropriate plans prepared by a qualified structural engineer whose fees are eligible to be included within the matching grant application).
  5. Roof assemblies (roof deck, air or vapor retarder, roof insulation, and the roof covering).
  6. Building envelope components relating to controlling the flow of air and water. This includes such items as glazing, curtain walls, panelized metal systems, tuck pointing, parapet walls, flashing, caulking, sealants, membranes, moisture barriers, and condensation control.
  7. Cleaning of building exterior.
  8. Exterior painting.
  9. Repairing or replacing cornices, entrances, doors, windows, decorative detail, and/or awnings.
  10. Sign removal, repair, or replacement.
  11. Other repairs that may improve the aesthetic quality of the building.
  12. Façade renovation - must involve the general upgrading of a building's external appearance.
  13. Additions to existing structures.
  14. Appropriate historic or themed murals.


(Items include, but are not limited to, the following)

  1. Interior improvements (except window display areas).
  2. Asbestos, mold, and mildew removal and/or mitigation.
  3. Sidewalks.
  4. Purchase of furnishings, equipment, or other personal property not part of the real estate.
  5. Improvements completed, or in progress, prior to notification of approval.
  6. Repair or creation of features not compatible with original architecture. (NOTE: These items may be eligible if required by government rules and/or regulations).
  7. Façade grants are not meant to replace your insurance deductible.


  1. Submittal shall include:
    1. A minimum of three estimates (or requests of estimates) for proposed improvements by qualified contractors.
    2. Written description of proposed improvements, including materials and color.
    3. Supporting data if applicable (photos are helpful).
    4. Completed application.
  2. Redevelopment Commission Review
    1. Repeat applications for the same property will be accepted as funds and improvement needs allow. Priority will be given to those who have not applied for funds in the previous year.
    2. The Redevelopment Commission will review all applications submitted prior to their regularly scheduled monthly meeting, as long as funds are available.
    3. Grants will be awarded based on available finding and the merits of the proposed improvements.
    4. The Redevelopment Commission will make every reasonable attempt to use sound judgment and principles in arriving at an equitable distribution of the available funds.
      1. Encouraging coordination of effort among adjoining properties.
      2. Responding to needs (safety, aesthetic, structural, energy saving, etc.).
      3. Balancing distribution of funds (although non-for-profit owners qualify for this program, their applications and needs will be evaluated with an attempt to achieve an equitable balance of funding with those properties contributing to the TIF funds).
  3. Final Approval
    1. The Redevelopment Commission will review application(s), determine if the project qualifies for assistance, and determine the amount of the grant. Awards may not exceed 50% of the lowest estimate (quote). Applicant may select a contractor with a higher quote and pay the difference.
    2. The Redevelopment Commission will issue a written authorization to proceed to each successful applicant.
    3. Work for which a grant is sought shall not begin before receiving the written authorization to proceed from the Redevelopment Commission.
    4. Grantee is responsible for obtaining any permits required to do the project. Permit fees may be included as part of the project expense with matching grant funds. If scaffolding is required within the right of way, Board of Works approval may be needed.
    5. Once approval is granted, any changes to the original submission must be resubmitted and reviewed by the Redevelopment Commission.
  4. Disbursement for grant payments will be made as follows:
    1. 100% of total grant award payable upon final inspection and verification that the work has been completed according to the application and final approval. Verification of work will be made by the Kendallville Building Inspector, if work required a building permit, or by the owner, if work is completed to their satisfaction.
    2. All improvements must be completed within three months unless an extension is granted by the Redevelopment Commission following a written request from the applicant.
    3. After receiving verification that the work has been completed satisfactorily and that the applicant's portion of the contract has been paid, the Redevelopment Commission may pay the grant portion of the project directly to the contractor.


An application may be obtained from the Mayor's office or downloaded here.

Completed applications should be submitted to the Redevelopment Commission at:

Via US Mail:

Redevelopment Commission
c/o City Hall
234 S Main Street
Kendallville, IN 46755

Via Email:



(260) 347-7025