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Our goal is to provide city departments with technical, engineering, survey and design support and conduct plan review and project inspections.

​​​​Indiana 811

When planning outdoor work that requires digging such as planting a tree, putting in a new children’s play set or excavating for construction, visit or call 811 before you dig. The City of Kendallville is a member of a free statewide service created to reduce damage to underground facilities and promote public safety by lowering the number of damage incidents. This is important because digging can be expensive and dangerous. Each year, millions of dollars in property damage, personal injuries and even loss of life occur because of careless digging where underground facilities were not located prior to excavating.

Follow these steps, before you begin your project:

  1. Once you have planned your project, visit or call 811 to submit your request at least two full working days before digging.
  2. Provide the following information about the location and plans for your project: 
    • County
    • Township
    • Street Address
    • Type of Work
    • Your Name and Title
    • Telephone Number
    • Best Time to Call
    • Start Date and Time
    • Contractor
    • Contractor Address
  3. Wait for member facility owners or operators to mark the proposed excavation site.
  4. Respect the marks. Once all utilities are checked, the ground will be marked with either a dotted line or a flag with “OK” painted on the ground. Dotted lines indicate underground lines and a flag and “OK” mean that there are no facility lines in that location and the area has been checked. Red, yellow, orange and blue markers should be present before you dig, indicating that all necessary utility lines have been checked.
  5. Dig with care.

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